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Iphone have become a common gadget for people today. It is use by almost all the people due to its high quality services and portability. It can be carry anywhere as it is just like a mobile phone and contains all the features of a pc. It is especially found with college and office goers. Those who love iPods are waiting eagerly for the arrival of iphone 5. It has various features distinctive from the previous iphone versions.

iPhone 5

The latest model of iphone is very attractive and also cost effective. It has a metal finishing with high sleek design. It is base on an Italian concept and is made by Steve Jobs who is the present CEO of apple group of companies. The features of iphone 5 are really outstanding and the best part is that the prices are less comparing to other phones in the market.

iPhone 5

The iphone5 has many features which are not available in other iphone. It uses iOS operating system which makes the work faster and the availability of icloud service have made the transfers of file, contacts, pictures and data quite easy and fast. Hence it supports high speed internet and also 1 GB ram.

iPhone 5

Like computers it allows download and using of various software’s as it has high storage capacity up to 64 GB. Smaller storage capacity like 16 GB and 32 GB are also available in the market and they cost less than 64 GB storages. Due to its 8 megapixel camera fitted at the back it can take pictures easily of anyone and from any distance. The quality of pictures are high – HD quality videos as compare to any other versions. Overall iphone 5 is one of the best iphone ever designed.

iPhone5 Videos


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